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IntelliPro Agency Process Service

Professional Service In Polk County


When “Time is of the Essence”. Our Online features gets the Process of Service moving fast!

With updates with email/text and GPS from a Florida Polk County Process Server.


We guarantee proper and timely service.
We are so confident, We go to make Routine Service up to 3 times or upto when you ask if is less. If you need couple more we doit for you. 


Working with Law Firms and Individuals to meet their needs, client satisfaction is our goal.

We achieve this with timely communication, technology, online tools and most importantly, we care!

Searching for a Florida State Process Service Company?

Look no more. We are equipped and staffed to handle all of your process service needs in Florida, Polk County and Highlands County. We offer fast turn around times and notarized proof of service with every serve at no additional fee. Our fees are competitive and we guarantee service.

We are Experienced Process Servers in State of Florida, give us a call at 863-288-1861 and we will show you how reliable our Florida Process Service is in Polk County and Highlands County.

The Process




– Upload online
– Email, fax or U.S. Mail



– Create account 
– Monitor serve progress at each interval



– Notification of each attempt
– Digital confirmation of service
– Uploaded Affidavit of Service or by U.S. Mail

We guarantee fast reliable FLORIDA STATE PROCESS SERVICE and understand the urgency of due process and FLORIDA STATE PROCESS SERVER needs.

WHY USE INTELLIPro Agency Process Server ?

We provide efficient, reliable, no-nonsense, professional process service and judgment enforcement throughout the Polk County and Highlands County on state of Florid. We have experience in the field including skip tracing, and asset location.

Our unique method of serving process ensures one of the highest rates of success in the state. We carefully train our servers to interact with recipients courteously and professionally. Our servers learn specific methods of approach that helps keep recipients calm and receptive. Without offering legal advice, we take the time to explain the documents being served and briefly spell out the recipients’ responsibility. We focus on relieving their anxiety and fostering a positive relationship with your firm and your client.

We utilize the latest technology to communicate with our servers and our clients. As an IntelliPro Agency client, you will have access to Serve Manager, the most technologically advanced platform for process servers and their clients. You will have automatic updates at each serve attempt; the ability to check in on progress when you wish; the ability to upload and download documents at any time; a digital affidavit of service upon completion of service; and the ability to request future services within the program if you wish. The program uses GPS-tracking and other digital tools to enhance timely and efficient communication.

We believe that timely communication is the key to client satisfaction and we have made your satisfaction our priority.

INTELLIPRO AGENCY Process Service is a non-attorney service.
We ask that you read, understand, and accept the following:
(1) No one employed by INTELLIPRO AGENCY Process Service , is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida.
(2) No one employed by INTELLIPRO AGENCY Process Service , is authorized to give legal advice or advise you of your legal rights.
(3) Any person employed by INTELLIPRO AGENCY Process Service , is only authorized to assist you by filling out forms with the information you supply and to assist in the filing of such forms in the proper manner.
(4) Any information supplied by INTELLIPRO AGENCY Process Service is to be strictly construed as procedural ONLY and is not to be misconstrued as legal advice. Anyone requiring legal advice is to seek competent legal counsel.

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